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Cookie statement Mailerguard

On this website (in the following: ‘this website’), operated by Trafficshare B.V., cookies are used. A cookie is a tiny text-file that is sent along with the pages of this website and is stored by your browser on the hard disc of the device you use. The stored data can be sent back again to the servers of Mailerguard upon your next visit to this website. Mailerguard uses various types of cookies, that is:

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies make sure that Mailerguard can recognise you upon a subsequent visit to this website, so that the website can be especially calibrated to your preferences. Also your consent for the placement of a cookie is remembered by way of a cookie. By using permanent cookies, you do not need to submit your preferences over and over again, so you save time and have a more enjoyable experience using website. You can remove permanent cookies through the settings of your browser.

Analytic cookies

Mailerguard uses analytic cookies, such as those of Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Alexa Certify, Yandex, Hotjar, Histats, and Statcounter, that can collect data automatically when you visit this website. The data obtained with the aid of analytic cookies are shared with third parties that make available the software for this so as to enable Mailerguard to obtain reports on how visitors use this website.

Session cookies

Session cookies are intended to be able to see what parts of this website you have seen, so that Mailerguard can adapt its services as well as possible to the surfing behaviour of the visitors of this website. Session cookies are removed automatically as soon as you close your web browser.

Tracking cookies of Mailerguard

On condition you have given your consent for this, Mailerguard places tracking cookies on your device. These can be sought later on, as soon as you visit a website from the network of Mailerguard. As a result, Mailerguard gains insight into the fact that besides this website, you have also visited other websites from the network of Mailerguard. The profiles that Mailerguard creates on this basis are not linked to your name, address, e-mail address and the likes, but are exclusively intended to align advertising with your profile so it is as relevant as possible for you.

Tracking cookies of advertisers of Mailerguard

On condition you have given permission for this, advertisers of Mailerguard place tracking cookies on your device. The advertisers of Mailerguard use these cookies to keep track of the pages you visit pages from the network of the advertisers so as to create a profile regarding your surfing behaviour. Such a profile is also created on the basis of comparable information that the advertisers receive from your visits to other websites from their network. The profiles that the advertisers of Mailerguard create are not linked to your name, address, e-mail address, and the likes, but are only intended to align advertising with your profile, so that it is as relevant as possible for you.

Right of perusal and correction or removal of your data

You have the right to ask Mailerguard for the perusal, deletion, and rectification of your personal data, as well as to have the processing that concerns you limited. For this, see the privacy policy on this website. You can submit your requests by e-mail (moc.draugreliam@troppuS) to Mailerguard. To make sure that the request was made by you, Mailerguard asks you to attach a copy of your ID to your request. Paint your photo, the MRZ (machine readable zone, the bar with numbers on the document), document number, and social security number (BSN) black on this copy. So as to protect your privacy. In case your request regards the perusal of your personal data linked to a cookie, you must send along a copy of the cookie in case, which you can find in the settings of your browser. Mailerguard responds as soon as possible, but in any event within four weeks, to your request.

Removal or blocking of tracking cookies placed by third parties

Some tracking cookies are placed by third parties that show advertisements to you through this website. You can remove or permanently block these cookies through your browser settings.

More information about cookies

You can find more information regarding the (de-)activation and the removal of cookies in the instructions and/or with the aid of the Help-function of your browser. In addition, you can read more information on cookies through the link below:

Consumentenbond (consumer protection): "What are cookies?"